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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Freemasonry – Jesus or the Lodge

Message from July 2006 by Marty Tate The Strait Gate in Dunlap, Tennessee.

Masonic books and documents such as Morals and Dogma, Duncan's Rituals, and various state Masonic Monitors are examined in light of God's word.

The Eastern Star is, as it claims, a religious institution, but it is not the religion of Holy Scripture to which this "religious" refers.  Omitting the central doctrines of Scripture--sin, redemption, grace--it offers religious instruction to men and women of all creeds, promoting "faith in Divinity" and "brotherly love".  In spite of obvious good that may be done by its moral standards and demands for purity, the Order's distortion of the central message of the Bible cannot be approved.  All men are not brothers, they are widely divided from one another and separated from God by sin.  Non-Christians cannot stand before God proud of their moral achievements, for without Christ these "profit nothing" I Cor. 13:3.  The convinced Christian man and woman, constrained to testify to the unique redemption in Jesus Christ, cannot participate in the ideals, purposes and programs of the Order without compromise of faith and public denial of Christ.
Rev. Phillip Lochhaas

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