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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Christianity and the Masonic Lodge: Are They Compatible?

Bill Mankin states that Freemasonry has no symbolism or teaching to make it a religion and it doesn't conflict to be a Christian and a Freemason. Walter Martin responds by citing Masonic rituals, oaths, and prayers in explaining that Freemasonry is without a doubt a distinct religious system which teachings and rituals are in contradiction to Christianity.

Suppose I should start an organization here in this church with secret work and several degrees.  The first three degrees would eliminate the name of Jesus Christ and demand that every candidate confess a god named T. G. A. O. T. U.   We would accept Christians, Jews, Mohammedans, Buddhists.  After they had passed the first three degrees, we would say 'Now, if you Christians want to get together and confess your Christ, go up in a room by yourselves.  You Mohammedans do the same, and so forth.  But don't drag your peculiar views into these three degrees. That's what Masonry does.  What a pitiful sop to throw to our blessed Lord Jesus Christ!  As a Christian, I spurn it.
Alva McClain 

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