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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Burning Issues - Freemasonry (sermon by Jim Hopkins)

Whatever a Preacher will not preach against, he will fill his Church with. Sadly, many so-called Preachers are afraid to take a stand against ungodliness for fear of losing their position. For example, some Preachers are afraid to expose Masonry for fear of the Masons in the Church. A Preacher that will not take a Biblical stand for fear of people is a hireling. He chooses to offend God rather than men. The truth is, he cannot be trusted with truth. It is a sad day when in immoral adulterer or adulteress can sit comfortably in a Church and never be broken by the preaching. It is sad day when a lost person can sit in a Church for years and never be convicted and converted. It is a sad day when many Churches attempt to attract people on their terms rather than God's truth.
Lev Humphries

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