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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Can You Be a Christian and Greek? Jordan L. Rice

Let me first emphasize that this paper serves solely to present the facts of Greek
letter organizations as they relate to Biblical teachings and NOT to judge anyone or
condemn any individual. The exploration of this issue is based exclusively from the
actual ritual books of ALL nine recognized Black Greek Letter Organizations (BGLO’s)
and the relevant Biblical scriptures. From my previous experience in this area, one thing
that is consistently clear is that the vast majority of people simply do not know what these
ritual books contain, including members of the organizations themselves! As Christians,
we simply must be followers of Jesus Christ and nothing else; however, this feat cannot
be done in ignorance. There is freedom in truth; conversely, there is bondage in
ignorance. Moreover, the sole purpose of this paper is to help my fellow brothers and
sisters in Christ grow closer to our Lord.
As you may already know, the word “Christian”, although extremely popular
today, was not used much in the first century church of believers. As a matter of fact, the
word “Christian” was only used 3 times in the New Testament as opposed to the word
“disciple” which was used 273 times. Followers of Christ were called disciples, and
those disciples were called “Christians” at a city called Antioch. Therefore, it is safe to
assume that we “Christians” in name should be “Disciples” in function. Furthermore, as
Disciples of Christ, we must follow Him regardless of our opinions on different issues.
Accordingly, the title question of “Can You be Christian and Greek?” refers to whether
one can be a “follower” of Christ and His ways while simultaneously participating in a
Greek Letter organization.
One of our duties as Christians is to examine EVERYTHING. Paul tells us in 1st
Thessalonians 5:21 to “Examine (Prove) EVERYTHING, and hold on to that which is
good.” It doesn’t matter if somebody thinks it is good, if it does not pass the test when
measured to the Bible, we should not hold on to it.
The word “examine” in this text applies to metals, referring to the art by which
the true nature and value of the metal is tested. This trial was usually made by fire. The
meaning here is that Paul’s readers were to carefully examine everything proposed for
their belief. They were not to receive it on trust, or to believe it because it seemed good.
Rather, they were to test it against the word of God; what they found to be true they were
to embrace and what did not line up with the word of God, they were to throw away.
Furthermore, it does not matter if your mother, father or pastor supports something; if it
does not line up with the scripture it must be discarded.
Jordan L. Rice

Last but not least, do like I and countless of others have, and join the oldest and best Greek letters of them all, the Alpha and the Omega Α & Ω. With membership comes a guarantee of eternal life. If the devil comes along to haze you, he will soon see he will have to flee because you have authority. In the name of Jesus Christ, the one who gave his life, he made salvation free, you have no membership fee. The only steps you have to learn is to put one foot in front of the other, if you take one step he’ll take two. Doesn’t this sound just like the right group for you?

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