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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Phrases for use in church bylaws and constitutions - Freemason / Secret societies / masonic lodges / greek letter organizations

Who are not members, affiliates or supporters of secret societies, or organizations in conflict with the Word of God.

Christians are to be free from all oath-bound secret societies and partnerships with unbelievers

We will on no account tolerate our ministers and members in joining or holding fellowship with secret societies

Do not participate or hold membership in any organization, association, or society which would conflict with the Word of God and the conduct of a Christian.  This includes most lodges, secret societies, and other organizations that perform rituals and other acts

By refraining from membership in secret societies and lodges which are oath bound, believing that the quasi-religious nature of such organizations divides the Christian's loyalty, their secret nature contravenes the Christian's open witness and the secret nature of their oaths is repugnant to the Christian conscience.

The candidate must relinquish prior church membership, and all memberships in masonic lodges, secret societies, and religious organizations that are not in full agreement with the Statement of Faith

Membership in secret societies requiring oath-taking and/or following teaching contrary to Scripture are to be shunned by the members and leaders of the Body of Christ.

It shall be understood that members shall not participate in, nor join themselves to any secret societies which put forth philosophies or doctrines of spirituality and salvation based upon good works and esoteric (secret) knowledge; or demand the taking of secret oaths which are contradictory to the Word of God

Applicants may not be members of a secret society such as the Freemasons.

We believe that true followers of Jesus Christ should not be members of the Masonic Lodge because freemasonry does not insist upon a belief in the one true Trinitarian Creator God of the Bible to the exclusion of all “supreme beings” (Gen 1:1; 1 John 5:7). We reject any Masonic teaching that suggests the existence of a celestial lodge and the possibility of entrance into eternal life outside of repentance toward the one true Trinitarian God and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ (Acts 17:30; 20:21). We believe Christians should not relate to those outside of the body of Christ as eternal “brothers” when those who are not born-again will not inherit the Kingdom of God (John 1:12-13; 3:3-7). We believe that participation in masonry is a pseudo religion which detracts from one’s full allegiance to Jesus Christ and the gospel of His Kingdom (Mark 1:15). We believe it is wrong for believers to make oaths or swear by anything especially to gain entrance into a secret organization (Jam 5:12). We do not permit those who are part of freemasonry to be members of the church because of these conflicts to essential orthodox Christian doctrines.

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