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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Black Greek Letter Organizations

G.Craige Lewis and Will Ford III discuss BGLO, Free Masonry and more.

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E said...

1. Our Best and Brightest are not in the "secret" society system. Our Best and Brightest are saints who are in the Body of Christ striving to do His will and everything in their power tearing down the strongholds of Satan.

2. G Craig Lewis and this guy is clearly not doing the topic justice. They should've never spoken on it if they haven't done enough research to speak confidently or were afraid to offend people they know (they watered it down too much and just didn't speak intelligently about it unfortunately).

3. These pagan (secret) societies are so obviously detrimental and godless it's a shame we have to even discuss this beyond more than 5 sentences. Nothing about it is godly and it's full of lies. As someone who's been around it all my life, done research on it, and observed people in it ..... I can say without a shadow of a doubt I will never join one and the people who do are killing themselves on so many fronts (spiritually, self-esteem wise, financially, physically with the hazing, etc).

But the bottom line is these organizations are here for a reason ... scripture is being fulfilled when the Bible mentions there will be evil on this earth. Welp here you go ... but I pray this helps someone and they don't go the way of of this evil thing which has already been foretold ... Eternal Damnation