Glittering Follies (superficially attractive foolishness)

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Conversations Ex-Black Greek Frats Speak Out (H. Previl and G. Jacques)

I realize those that joined these fraternities or sororities had a void in their lives and wanted to belong to something. Although Jesus Christ can only fill this void, they chose this path in search of a family, popularity and connections. The organizations captured their sights with their seemingly impressive history of community service, activism and extensive roster of their most notable members. On the surface, these groups appear to be great tools for networking, resume building and notoriety. However, upon further inspection, a dark side exists that has been covered up by a shroud of secrecy and good works. Membership ultimately leads to the formation of an ungodly covenant, which opens all members up to the prevailing spirits in these organizations. Even after years of membership, many members do not realize the historical depth of spiritual wickedness and Masonic strongholds they have availed themselves to.
Daniel Robertson, Jr.

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