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Sunday, September 7, 2014


Ten Things To Consider Before Pledging a Fraternity/Sorority (if you are a Christian) 1) Will you be required to take any oaths to anyone or anything outside of God (Jesus Christ)? 2) Will you be expected to support activities that you typically wouldn't support? 3) What activities does the organization to do win people to Christ? 4) Are you only in it for letters, or are you really going to work once you get in? 5) Will you feel "complete" once you get in or cross? If so, why? 6) Is it your dream or a relative's dream? 7) What would happen if you never join? Will you feel incomplete? 8) Do you have a problem party hopping at the dance and then teaching bible study or going to church the next day? 9) Do you want people to first know you as a Christian or a part of an organization? 10) Did you really pray about it? And wait for an answer?
Alton Jamison

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