Glittering Follies (superficially attractive foolishness)

Tuesday, December 1, 2015


If we know that God inhabits the praises of His people (Psalm 22:3); satan also inhabits the praises of his people. Without any knowledge or understanding many young people fall prey to fraternities and sororities just entering college because they feel the need to be a part of, were coerced, or pressured into joining. The greek lettering/labeling of these sororities and fraternities are at its root, the language and symbols of satan. If the frats are brothers, and the soros are sisters, then you have to ask yourself - "Who are their parents?" The demonic greek gods that each fraternity venerates/worships or pay homage to are their parents. The guidelines for membership into these greek letter organizations have nothing to do AT ALL with living according to the ways and commandments of the Lord.
Sororities and fraternities also generationally blaspheme the Almighty God by older members passing down their traditions to their sons, daughters, and other family members. These organizations were designed to trap and entice young, insecure people, propagate ungodliness, pay homage to false gods, and open doors for demons to possess their initiates. This is one of the tactics that satan is using for mass worldwide deception in preparing a platform for worship of himself, the beast, and fallen angels, and ultimately lead many away from Christ to their soul's destruction. Their greek symbols that they use to represent them (for those that are "In the Know") understand that they are spoken and unspoken languages of idolatry, hazing rituals, fear, death, control, manipulation, witchcraft, shame, pain, secret oaths, doctrines of demons, occult handshakes and hand gestures, sexual indecency and perversion, homosexuality, lesbianism, adultery, fornication, heavy drinking, partying, clubbing, riding the donkey, racism, shunning, inclusion with exclusion, and paying dues to remain relevant, retain club membership, and obtain friends and connections (basically, paying to have friends). The bible does not support these greek letter organizations or condone their actions.

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