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Sunday, December 25, 2016

CURSE OF THE CULTURE: Denouncing Delta: A Story of Reflection from Former Sorority Member


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Original story appeared at: Memoirs of a virtuous woman website:
To whom it may concern:
I am denouncing my membership with Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated.  When I first joined, I was so blinded by my desires to be a part of the organization and didn’t focus on God’s will. Different pastors and ministers would speak on the Christian principles of the organization, but I realized how can you be a Christian organization and not mention Jesus Christ? He is the foundation of CHRISTianity. (Pastors and ministers are human too). The rituals mention God but in order to get to God you must first go through the son, Jesus Christ.  (John 14:6) Also if the organization is founded on Christian principles why did the founders think it was okay to place Minerva (Roman Goddess) on the shield that I wore across my heart? I thought what if my church placed her as a representation, do you know how many people would have an issue, or outsiders call us hypocrites. However, in Delta why do the Christians find it okay?  As I read the Pyramid book, the founders want the sorors to admire Minerva mind, body and spirit. (yes, SPIRIT) which means we are giving her life.However, if I am a Christian how can one do that when my body is filled with the Holy Spirit? I admire Jesus Christ. Also the founders want the Minerva Circle to be influenced by her wisdom/ Intellect. These women bring in the new line so what they possess can be instilled in the new members. What if the Minerva Circles are not all Christian?  (Romans 1:21-22) As Christians we are to look for Jesus to influence us though the Holy Spirit! We are to admire his mind and spirit and look to him for Wisdom. (James 1:5) So if the founders were Christians why didn’t they place a cross to represent our Savior? Oh because they may offend other religions, but at the same time you compromise the Christian belief and place a Goddess? But God does not agree with compromise, he spits out the lukewarm. (Revelations 3:16)
National President Dorothy Irene Heights took the entire 1 Corinthians 13 and changed the biblical scripture around to glorify Delta. I had a tug in my heart like “umm can we do that?”  No, that is disrespectful to God and his Word. You are misusing the word to glorify the organization which comes off very prideful and blasphemy. It takes the focus on God and places the focus on Delta. There are other finding where scripture is misused.
6a98771ad3d8c183f75f64a1177c2cc6The lyrics to the national hymn come off prideful and glorying. It speaks on praising thee, our souls rapture rise, light of the world and her bond to praise. Who is her technically? Delta is her. This hymn sounds like a religious (spiritual) song. However, Jesus is the light and our guidance; we praise him not Delta or Minerva.
There are other things I have noticed that are not Godly like taking an oath/pledge, (James 5:12) so technically, I was in a covenant with unbelievers and a false goddess. Many people have told me that it’s not that serious. But the members hold the rituals as sacred and in secrecy. Also the vows are for a life time commitment as if they are married to this organization, which technically is true. Those under the Delta oath and make a pledge are binded to whatever that organization acts on and believes.
Then The Cardinal Virtues, some may say are the Christian principles which is a similar versions of the Fruits of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22).   So they use the bible remove words out and make it to glorify the sorority. They rearrange biblical things around and put a Delta-ish, worldly, false godly twist to make it identical to the Word of God but it’s not.
red_divasWhen you put all this together, it is a cult. Delta is its own religion. So, why would anyone even think it’s Christian?  Yes, it promotes community service and helping other, fighting for justice, and academic excellence. But what is a man that gains the worlds but lose his soul? (Mark 8: 33- 37).   Delta is becoming more of the world and not of God. (Romans 12:2)   Yes, I promote academic excellence and helping others and fighting for certain justices but I will not do all that in exchange of my obedience to God. For it is better to obey than to sacrifice. (1 Samuel 15:22)
Delta is becoming more of the world because it was never founded on Christian principles from the roman goddess on the shield to the songs, to the ritual, or glorifying Jesus Christ. I wonder, what would be next? Things are kept from others in secrecy (discretion) to help prevent outsiders from rejection or challenge its messages.
I thought maybe I just wouldn’t be an official member so I don’t have to go through the rituals or other ungodly things. However, if I don’t fully disconnect (denounce) myself from the organization then I am a walking advertisement for the organization. Many people interested in the organization wanted advice or my experience. Some even kissing up to me, so I could help them some how to get in membership. They knew I was a Delta active or not. Representing Delta gave others the visual and implication that this organization is okay or you can be Christian and Greek. So that promotes people to go through the same ritual, honor the same shield, and whatever else Delta promotes that is ungodly.  Read More

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